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The Top Benefits of Installing a Cat Wall Shelf in Your Home

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    Having a cat can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Cats make wonderful pets and companions.

    However, owning a cat also comes with certain challenges. One of the biggest is providing your cat with adequate spaces to climb, scratch, play, and relax. Installing a cat wall shelf in your home can be a great solution.

    Here are some of the top benefits of adding a cat wall shelf.

    a cat in shelf

    More Vertical Space

    Cats love to climb and perch up high. It allows them to survey their territory and makes them feel safe and secure. Unlike dogs, cats do not just stay on the ground.

    A cat wall shelf adds valuable vertical space to your home that your cat can utilize. The shelf allows them to satisfy their natural climbing instincts and behavior. Having access to climbable surfaces is crucial for your cat’s well-being.

    Prevent Destructive Scratching

    Scratching is another natural feline behavior. It helps cats remove dead outer claws and mark their territory. Often, cats scratch furniture and other household items which can destroy these belongings.

    A cat-scratching post alone may not be enough. Installing a sturdy cat shelf on the wall provides another appropriate surface for scratching. The rough surface of the shelf will satisfy your cat’s scratching needs. This will help divert them from damaging carpets, furniture, and drapes around your home.

    More Playing and Exercising

    Cats love to play and be active, especially younger cats. A cat wall shelf can provide extra space for playtime and exercise. Shelves give cats more area for playing with toys.

    The vertical space allows for climbing and jumping which are great feline workouts. Active playtime and exercise help cats burn energy, prevent boredom, and maintain a healthy weight.

    With a wall shelf, you can attach toys and even have multiple shelves at different heights for maximum fun.

    Window Viewing and Sunbathing

    Cats love sitting in windows to look outside and watch the action. Bird watching is especially entertaining for cats. The sun shining into a window is also a favorite spot for cats to curl up and take a nap.

    Installing a cat shelf perch in the window gives your cat the perfect ledge for viewing and sunbathing. The warmth of the sun coming through is soothing. A window shelf creates an ideal observation and lounging post for your curious cat.

    Get Them Up Off Counters

    Some cats are tempted to lay around on kitchen counters and other furniture even though they’re not supposed to. Having appealing high surfaces like a wall shelf can help deter this behavior.

    Give your cats an acceptable up-high area to lay so they won’t be tempted to relax on kitchen and bathroom counters. The shelf also protects items on counters and tables from being knocked off or played with. Keep cats content and safely perched up high instead.

    Save Space

    Cat trees provide great vertical space but take up ample room. Cat wall shelves are a space-saving alternative. Wall shelves can be installed in unused vertical areas around your home. This saves open floor space in your rooms.

    Shelves can be added to empty walls, in closets, laundry rooms, and more. You can create climbable and relaxing areas for your cat without cluttering up your home. Wall shelves are simple, out of the way, and effective.

    Customizable and Stylish

    Cat shelves come in a wide array of styles these days with creative designs to match any home. You can choose a shelf in a shape, color, and style that fits your room decor.

    Or you can even DIY a wall shelf that complements your home. Pick a fun theme or color that fits your cat’s personality. There are so many creative ways to customize a stylish cat shelf that adds to your home rather than looking like an eyesore.

    Easy to Install

    Putting up a cat wall shelf is quite simple. For the most part, they use a basic bracket system that attaches securely to studs on your wall. No need for complex wiring, drilling or construction.

    Just make sure it’s properly anchored and can hold adequate weight. Read reviews and instructions carefully when selecting a shelf. With minimal tools and effort, you can mount shelves in optimal spots to create usable space for your cat.

    cat wall shelf

    Fun Bonding Activity

    Installing wall shelves can be a fun project to do with your kids. Make a family day out of putting up creative shelves together.

    Have kids help spot good locations around the house and decorate the shelves for your cat. They’ll have pride and enjoyment in seeing your cat use and enjoy the handmade space. It’s also a good chance to teach kids proper installation skills and the needs of caring for a pet.

    Affordable Price

    Cat wall shelves are a very affordable option compared to large cat trees and play systems. Basic shelves start at around $20-50 depending on size.

    Even more elaborate shelves with perches, ramps, and tunnels are under $150 in most cases. Especially as a do-it-yourself project, you can add quality shelves for a minimal investment. For a small spend, your cat can enjoy excellent vertical space and satisfy their natural climbing behaviors.

    Safer Than Furniture

    Some cats enjoy climbing up bookshelves, cabinets, and furniture not meant to be climbed. This can lead to items tumbling over or cats pulling shelving down on themselves resulting in injury.

    Installing sturdy wall shelves designed specifically for cats provides safer options for their climbing instincts. Cats can scale and lounge without jeopardizing their safety. Protect your cat and belongings with dedicated feline shelves.

    More Cat-Friendly Home

    Ultimately, a cat wall shelf helps you create a more cat-friendly home environment. Customizing vertical space to meet your cat’s needs results in happier and healthier cats.

    Shelves allow cats to act out their natural climbing and perching behaviors. This lowers stress and anxiety in cats. Your cat will be calmer, more playful, and feel right at home in their domain. The shelves also protect your belongings and prevent destructive behaviors.

    Where to Place Cat Wall Shelves

    Now that you know the many benefits, here are some prime spots to consider installing wall shelves in your home:

    • Above windows – For sunbathing, birdwatching
    • Along empty wall space
    • Inside closets
    • Laundry rooms
    • On the back of doors
    • Near food and litter box
    • By cat scratching post
    • Overcountertops
    • Hidden cubby holes
    • Shelves at different heights

    Think about your cat’s favorite lounging spots and activities as you determine shelf placement. Provide access to windows, bathroom counters, and other temptations so your cat prefers the wall shelves.

    Place scratching shelves near furniture to prevent damage. Keep shelves away from televisions or fragile items that could be knocked down.

    Install shelves securely so they cannot fall. With strategic placement, wall shelves can become your cat’s new favorite hangouts while protecting your home.

    wall shelf for cats

    Choosing a Cat Wall Shelf

    There are several factors to consider when picking out the best cat wall shelves:


    • Wood – Very durable but can be scratched over time
    • Cardboard – Affordable but less sturdy and needs replacement
    • Carpeting – Soft but may not hold up to scratching
    • Sisal rope – Withstands scratching but less supportive
    • Plastic – Inexpensive but may look cheap


    • Small 10″-15″ – For single perching
    • Medium 16″-30″ – For lounging
    • Large 30″+ – For multiple cats

    Perches, Beds, and Toys

    • Built-in perches or hideaways
    • Removable dangling toys
    • Replacement beds, pads or mats
    • Catnip or treat holders

    Weight Limit

    • 15-30 lbs is typical
    • Make sure it holds your cat or cat fully grown

    Installation Method

    • Brackets, screws, bolts
    • Are wall anchors needed?
    • Tools required?

    Do measurements to ensure you get a shelf suited for your available space. Read product details and reviews. Purchase the highest quality shelf within your budget.

    Installing Your Cat Wall Shelf

    Installation is fairly simple, but here are some tips for getting your shelf properly mounted:

    • Use a stud finder to locate studs on the wall
    • Follow all included hardware and instructions
    • Install securely into studs if possible
    • Use wall anchors if needed in drywall
    • Make sure bolts are tightened fully
    • Don’t install over vents or electrical
    • Have a helper to position the shelf
    • Check that the shelf is level
    • Hold shelf for a few minutes to ensure stable

    Take care to mount the shelf extra securely. Don’t take shortcuts that could lead to a fallen shelf and an injured cat. Most kits have clear instructions to follow. Taking the time to properly install the shelf will give your cat years of enjoyment.

    Decorating and Customizing Your Shelf

    Beyond just installation, think about ways to personalize your cat’s shelf:

    • Paint or stain the shelf
    • Add non-toxic foliage or plants
    • Use colorful fabric or carpet
    • Incorporate a fun theme
    • Paint designs, stripes or images
    • Add toys or danglers
    • Affix cushions or pads

    You know your cat’s personality best. Use that inspiration as you decorate to create a space your cat will love. Change out materials as needed. Refresh toys to keep their interest. Make the shelf a fun extension of your home’s existing decor.

    cute cat wall shelf


    Installing a cat wall shelf can greatly improve life for both you and your cat. Shelves provide environmental enrichment. They satisfy your cat’s natural abilities and desires.

    A wall shelf deters negative behaviors like destructive scratching. Shelves create safe and appealing spaces that keep your cat content. And shelves can be an affordable DIY solution to customize your home for a cherished cat family member.

    Consider utilizing vertical wall space to give your feline the very best.



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